We, the sarva suadrsanaa academy are successfully providing the  knowledge in Wiring harness design for the students in all over the globe. We have been flourishingly rendering the training service in wiring harness for the well esteemed corporates like Bosch, Caterpillar, etc….

Wiring harness Training:

Wiring harness is a specially designed bundling system of numerous wires which are organized as a set of wires and conductors, that play a critical role  in connecting various components. Directly introducing the wiring harness without a proper and full knowledge will be a tiresome and time consuming process ..Therefore a proper layout with prior knowledge of the position of each component will make the process easier & more accurate. For that we will be using the wiring boards in the schematic software . This will help us to know whether our each wiring harness design attempt is totally accurate and according to our requirement. This criteria will be a real some productive and economical in the automotive industry.

In the meanwhile of learning this wiring harness designing training you will totally understand the electrical  distribution system, Different electrical components and standards used in the automotive wiring harness. Moreover this includes schematics  to pass schematic diagram into the 3D harness design created within software ( creo / Catia / NX & Capital). 

A consequential part of this course is dedicated to the cabling design project, during which you will create a full wiring harness with minimal picks & clicks to solidify the techniques which were learned previously in the course.

This course is specially designed for the engineers involved in ( Creo harness designer / Catia Harnes Designer / Nx Harness Designer  /  Solidworks harness designer & Capital Harness designer)  the 3D routing & documentation of electrical wiring & cabling harness.

Wiring harness application :

 Wiring harness is being a most mandatory & deep concept which serves as a core in automobile, automotive , consumer appliances & various other departments . Every manufacturing concern / company has a vast requirement of wiring system designers who would posses the core knowledge of wiring harness.

Course Structure Description: Automotive Wiring Harness/ Cabling design has been a prime importance in functional performance of a vehicle. Industry need expertise that will help them in innovative high efficient and low cost design. This course will help to use Schematics to create schematic diagrams for electrical harness, how to configure the catalog library, how to create functional block diagrams and block interconnect diagrams. This course is for those who what to stand out as a Electrical wiring harness design expert. 


Creo Wiring Harness Training in Chennai

Catia Wiring Harness Training in Chennai

Nx Wiring Harness Training in Chennai 

Course Structure :

  • Products and Manufacturing Engg Basics 
  • Classification, types, assembly, Electricals etc. 

2.Electrical basic 

  • Building wiring design • Specification, Major functions, etc. • Connectors, Evolution, Different types of const, etc. • Material – Specifications, Selection, Database search, etc. 

3.NPI – New Product Introduction 

  • Wiring design Principles, role & responsibilities of team, etc • BOM, Subsystems, Part nomenclature, etc 
  • Cad & Harness tools ( Creo Schematics, Creo or CATIA Modelling and Cabling modules.) 
  • 2-D CAD, schematic design, processes for electrical harness designs, Create and configure the catalog library • Create functional block diagrams (including block interconnect diagrams), etc. • 3D CAD Mechanical, GD&T, 3D CAD Electrical, Create circuit diagrams, Create wiring diagrams (including wire interconnect diagrams), etc. 

For Corporates and Advance Module

  • Quality Standards 
  1. VA/VE, and PLM/PDM Overview